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There have been recent concerns around the safety of inflatable equipment.  Whilst no one can guarantee accidents won’t happen there are a number of things you can do to ensure that while your users are having a good time, they are also safe.

When booking an Inflatable there are a number of things to look for and check:

Do some research on the company, check their reviews.

 Does the company have public liability insurance? Don’t be afraid to ask to see it.

Ask if the inflatable(s) you’re using have a VALID test certificates (MOT). The annual safety check should be carried out by a RPII inspector and a certificate issued. A reputable supplier will be happy to show you this. If you want to check it yourself there will be a phone number on the certificate. These tests provide owners and users peace of mind that appropriate safety measures have been taken.

Some suppliers will register their RPII certification on the PIPA database but this is not compulsory and its absence here does not mean the inflatable does not have a valid safety certificate.

Make sure you have enough space for the inflatable you want to hire. For standard inflatables, you need the size of the inflatable plus a minimum of 5 feet extra on each side.  Larger or specialist inflatables will require a larger space.  The supplier should be happy to discuss further.

For outside inflatables, the area should be grass, although some suppliers will set up on non-grass surfaces. (See below) The areas must be flat and clean of any rubbish or pet fouling.

 Once set up:

Have a walk around with the staff member after they have finished setting up the equipment.

Check the inflatable is in good condition with no obvious holes or looks out of shape.

Check that the blower tube is extended as far as it will go and not rolled up or kinked.

Ensure landing mats are in place at the front of the inflatable and when required, at other possible landing areas.

When outside ensure all the anchor points are being used and are fully pegged into the ground.

Some suppliers will not set up on concrete outside but if they do, ensure that sufficient anchorage (sand bags) are used to anchor the inflatable. The recommendation is 163 kg per anchor point. (Around 6 or 7 bags) Also ensure that there are sufficient safety mats in place.

For indoor inflatables, although there is no legal requirement for anchoring sandbags, most suppliers will assess the need and use as required.  Ensure that you are satisfied that the inflatable is stable and secure.

You should be given a safety briefing before the inflatable is used and sign the terms and conditions to show you’re happy with everything.

The HSE recommend that inflatables should not be used outside in winds above 24 miles an hour (38 KMPH) including gusts.  This is the standard in forced by the HSE; some inflatables may have a lower safety recommendation.

We hope this information is of help and enables you to hire and enjoy the equipment safely.


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